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Longkou City Hongrun Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: Zhuyou Industrial Zone ,Longkou City , Shandong Province ,China
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Service Advantage
1.  Integrity of publicity:
2.  Sample mold service:
We will be based on customer needs, provide product sampling services to our existing products, free of charge, to the special requirements of customers and products that take the form of reimbursement of the cost, charge mold fee and test fee. If a final customer to confirm the order, opening fees and trial costs will be deducted in the price.
3.  Technical guidance:
We will be in the pre-sale, sale and free for customers with 24-hour technical guidance, can communicate through the network, telephone and other means.
4.  Plant design:
We will be free to make our planning advice and other needs for the customer site, after the two sides reach an agreement, we will be the first time to send engineers on-site planning guidance, and provide construction drawings and bills of materials, customers need to follow the design drawings engineer prepare accordingly work (hard ground level bill of materials purchase, electricity, water, energy facility installation preparation, etc.), the preparatory work is completed (the photograph), customer delivery (or inform us shipment).
5.  Installation and commissioning services:
    1)When the customer receives the equipment within three working days, we will send engineers to the local installation, commissioning and staff training, working hours under the contract may be.
    2)engineers arrived at the customer's plant after testing, evaluation of the preparatory work for the customer to make the work plan (in the form of a written document).
    3)The customer construction workers arrived at the scene:
       A. According to the construction plan to do the construction preparation;
       B. According to the construction plan of construction steps, such as the day of the construction plan is not completed, engineers timely communication with customers;
       C. Install the final step, the customer is responsible for preparing post-production workers, entered the commissioning phase end of the installation;
       D. Commissioning phase, workers actively cooperate with engineers, commissioning engineers, test machine during training for workers (debugging equipment, precautions, operating essentials)
    4)our engineers to the client company employee issues during installation, commissioning and training process to answer.
    5)After the test machine operating staff by customers, our engineers in the next guide, the machine is running on the client device to be evaluated.
    6)The machine run four days after the completion of the work engineers, customer service Hongrun Machinery signed file.
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