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EPE Foam Bonding Machine
EPE Foam Bonding Machine

time:2017-03-25 14:36

EPE Foam Bonding Machine Product Introduction ThismachineisthedeeplyprocessingequipmentofEPEfoamsheet/filmproducts,mainlyusedfortheadhesivebondingandthickeningofEPEfoamsheet/film,increasingtheintensityandthickness,widelyusedforthepackingofe

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EPE Foam Bonding Machine

Product Introduction
This machine is the deeply processing equipment of EPE foam sheet/film products, mainly used for the adhesive bonding and thickening of EPE foam sheet/film, increasing the intensity and thickness, widely used for the packing of electronic product, construction interlayer, soundproof, heat preservation.

The equipment makes two pieces of the product melted and stuck together through power or flame.

According to the request of the packing performance, we can melt and stick several times to meet the demand. The composite products are widely used in building materials, packing and shoemaking industry.

Flow chart

Technical Parameter

Model Unit HR-1200 HR-1500 HR-1800
Width of product mm 1200 1500 1800
Heating method  Electrical heating
Motor power kw 4 4 4
Total power kw 28 40 50
Overall size m 8*2*2 8*2.3*2 8*2.6*2
Total weight T 2 2.5 3.2

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