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PE Foam Material Recycle Machine
PE Foam Material Recycling Machine

time:2017-03-25 14:41

Product Introduction This machine is special for polystyrene. It adopts single screw, double stage plasticification, increasing compress ratio. The whole machine consists of crusher, main machine, cooling tank and granulator. It can recycle

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Product description: 

This recycling and pelletizing machine is designed to reclaim the foamed polystyrene and polyethylene materials almost identically to new ones with its own superior filtering performance.

Model HR-ZL200/105
Screw Diameter Φ200×Φ105mm(reducing)
Main motor power 15kw+7.5kw
Heating power 25kw
Total power 35kw
Output 80-130kg/h
Power supply three phase 380v/50Hz
Granulator Motor 1.1kw

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